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Visual solutions for controlling and monitoring information

Our integrated video wall solutions give users the tools to monitor and manage assets and infrastructure. These high impact displays can be connected to existing back office systems to communicate real-time information from a variety of database types, including MySQL, and programs such as Microsoft Excel or Access.

Video walls are also an effective communication tool, providing businesses with the means to seamlessly share large amounts of information. These display screens can be used to reach out to a wide range of end sources, from passengers in transportation applications to guests and visitors in corporate spaces. 

These seamless video wall displays are suitable for a broad range of markets, including:

  • Retail: video walls can be used for advertising goods and services, to inform purchasing decisions, and wayfinding. Content can be managed centrally and distributed to displays at participating outlets.

  • Broadcast: The uses for video walls in broadcasting are wide, these large screen displays can be used for studio backdrops, broadcast or distribution monitoring rooms, screening, or post-production environments.

  • Command & Control: video walls provide a central point of information for demanding mission critical command and control centres where the need for clear, usable information is paramount.

  • Emergency Operation: video walls can display information from multiple end points to allow emergency operations staff to monitor and respond to any emergency situation.

  • Digital Signage: video walls extend the boundaries of digital signage. With the database connectivity of A+K PADS4, users can integrate any type of multimedia content to create a high impact platform for targeted information, advertising and merchandising.
  • Public Information: video walls can be used for digital signage, lobby displays, and other general use information. These HD displays can also be used for advertising goods and services to inform purchasing decisions.

  • Security & Surveillance: video walls can display video and information feeds to allow security staff to capture potential security breaches within a range of end environments, such as airports, as well as computer security.

  • Transportation: video walls can be used to transfer important travel information to passengers, such as departure times and wayfinding. The high impact displays can also be used as a platform for advertising.

  • Utilities: the large display wall can hold data from multiple sources so users can capture and monitor real-time information in the most demanding operation centres and control rooms.

  • Telecommunications: video walls can communicate detailed real-time information and activity for staff to monitor and act upon.

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