Part One: Designing the A+K Video Wall

Posted 25/09/2013

With the unveiling of our brand new Mitsubishi video wall at the launch of our updated showroom in October, we review the design of our video wall system.

The recent installation of the 3x2 Mitsubishi super-narrow bezel video wall in the refurbished A+K Showroom has foregrounded a discussion on the considerations when designing a video wall. Being the first installation of a Mitsubishi LM55SI video wall in the UK, we have had to assess the most effective design for our system, together with the most appropriate hardware to use for the application. Informing our decision has been a reflection upon the type of content that we would like to display on the screen, specifically the number of sources that will be displayed at one time.

The A+K video wall unites windows for wayfinding, live feeds, branding and dynamic content. To achieve this we have used A+K PADS4 Digital Signage , which delivers information from multiple end points. The real-time data is fed through the PADS system from a variety of sources, including APIs and Microsoft Exchange integration, while the custom content is created via the PADS Designer application and delivered to the video wall with custom multi-output PADS PC. To display inputs from PC, TV, VC and laptops, we have used an 8:8 HDMI matrix switcher.

Supporting the video wall will be the new slimline video wall bracket from SMS Smart Media Solutions AB. The Advanced bracket features scissor arms which allow an individual panel to be removed or pulled out, facilitating the simple servicing of panels.

Visitors to the A+K Showroom can see a direct comparison between an LCD video wall and our rear projection wall, with both systems able to display the same content.

Bespoke content

Our experience of designing and installing signage-driven video walls into the public sector and banking industry has enabled us to advise on the most suitable configurations and hardware for our clients’ video wall requirements.

In designing the content for the A+K video wall, we have had to consider:

  • The native resolution of each panel, e.g., 1920x1080
  • The configuration of the video wall, e.g., 3x2, 3x3, 5x3, 8x1
  • The purpose of the video wall - will it be used for advertising, branding or wayfinding?
  • The type of content that will be displayed, including the resolutions and formats in which they will be designed

Regardless of the application, i.e., whether your video wall will be used for public information display, command and control or internal communication, these are key areas to reflect upon. Given the investment in the video wall infrastructure (i.e. custom PC, signage delivery mechanism, LCD or LED panels, processor [optional]), content is sometimes the area that is overlooked, yet, this drives the ROI. Graphics designed for the native resolution of the video wall offer refined stunning, high quality images for effective communication.

Showroom launch

Visitors can experience the new Mitsubishi video wall first-hand at the launch event of our new showroom and AV demonstration facilities, which will take place at the A+K head office on 15 and 17 October, 2013. Register here.

Alternatively, if you would like to arrange to visit to our showroom, then please get in contact.

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by Anders + Kern

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