Installation Services

A+K has the expertise to design, install and support integrated video wall solutions for a broad range of markets, whether you require a multi-screen video wall or a single edge blended projection screen. We understand that every project is different, and our experienced technical team works with clients to understand their specific needs and design requirements before advising you on the most suitable solution.

We partner with Mitsubishi Electric and Sharp to offer a range of display wall systems that utilise XGA and SXGA+ pixel resolutions. We are also the exclusive UK distributor of Stewart Filmscreen precision projection screens, whose glass rear projection screen materials are designed specifically for video wall type applications.

The following points should be considered before the installation of your video wall:

  • Location: where will your video wall be installed? Will the display be visible so users are able to easily see and work with that information?

  • Positioning: high levels of ambient light can have a negative effect if your video wall is for a Public Information Display, the main issue being surface reflection. A screen with a higher brightness level can solve this problem.

  • Mounting: consider the mounting area’s construction type, condition and maximum holding strength, e.g., a standard 55” Mitsubishi LCD weights 40kg.

  • Cable Management: the bi-product of having multiple screens is having multiple cables, which consequently need to be connected to the PC running the video wall. You must also be able to identify where each cable comes from in the event of a technical error.

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