Mitsubishi Video Wall Processors and Software

The 3000 series provides both a display wall processor and a display wall controller. These terms are often used interchangeably but in this case you really can control the display wall as well as process the images to show on it.

The system is managed by the D-Wall software suite which allows operators and supervisors to select sources and create wall layouts by simple drag and drop, and recall layouts with a mouse click or by command from a touch panel or monitored event. The health and status of the display wall cubes and processor hardware is continuously monitored with email alerts available to warn if anything needs attention.

Two distinct hardware ‘processor' units are available, which can be used separately or in unison to make a hybrid system:


The X3000 is based on an industry standard OS and offers great scalability with up to 128 real time video windows, up to 62 high resolution DVI / VGA inputs and up to 64 outputs to the display wall cubes. The X3000 system provides a ‘desktop' over the entire 64 cube wall, so that client server windows or any other computer window can be placed anywhere on the wall with different layouts stored and recalled as required. In addition, video windows can be freely positioned with up to 16 on each cube with no embarrassing blanking if they overlap while being moved into position.


The MK3000 is an ‘appliance', or self contained system, which is controlled via the LAN. It is controlled by the same layout software as the X3000. The MK3000 can be used on its own, with a monochrome background, or it can be provided with a background layer from the X3000 (or other multi-output system) so that software windows can be shown next to the overlay windows. These overlay windows are sampled and displayed synchronously, and can be gen-locked with other devices to ensure perfect timing with no dropped frames, both for video and DVI/VGA capture.

The X3000 and MK3000 can used together to make a peerless hybrid sub-system with X3000 windows and MK3000 windows side by side, all managed by the same drag and drop layout system. This hybrid concept is ideal when synchronous video must be overlaid onto computer graphics, in a TV studio for example, or where many DVI / VGA inputs must be sampled in real time. The MK3000 reserves bandwidth for each channel to ensure perfect timing regardless of the number of sources.

The 3000 system allows system integrators to concentrate on what they do best - to make the entire system work well for the job it was intended to do.

  • Mitsubishi Display Engineering is world famous for display walls of outstanding reliability and image quality with many automated features that keep the cubes tuned to give a uniform image across the wall.

  • The 3000 system adds powerful display wall processing and dedicated display control, managed by Mitsubishi’s D-Wall software suite.

  • The complete display wall sub-system allows the system integrator to install a guaranteed system with components that are made to work perfectly together.

D-Wall Software Suite

Mitsubishi Electric’s D-Wall software suite manages both the display wall cubes and the processors which create the layout. D-Wall can switch the display wall on and off, change brightness and lamp mode and monitor the key operating parameters – sending email alerts if anything needs attention.
The system can also control peripheral equipment, such as video switches and can itself be controlled from a touch panel device to call stored layouts with complete simplicity and reliability. There is also a scheduler to change layouts at predetermined times.
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